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4 rth Day Of The Project

9 May, 2023

The day began with an energizer (dancing leader) on a beach.

The first activity was an interactive workshop about the European Union, its history and characteristics, including the values and human rights protection (as 9 May is Europe Day). The participants were shown a slideshow from the facilitator and they were asked many questions.

The second part of the day was devoted to “Fake News” and “Human Rights”. After being shown slideshows and video about these topics, the participants were asked to prepare presentations on global challenges with regard to human rights violations and potential solutions.

In the evening, Lithuanian and Romanian participants presented their countries on Cultural Night. They taught national dances and offered dishes and sweets from their countries.

#NoDiscriminationEdu #AcceptAllYouth #EqualLearn4All #InclusiveEducationPro j#YouthEqualityNow #ErasmusPlusYouthGR #ErasmusPlus #EuropeanYearOfSkills #AndrosIsland #Enjoy #Learn

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