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3rd Day of The Project

8 May, 2023 The third day of the project

After the energizer on the beach, the participants engaged in the „HOWGH“ activity (“MilleniuM” Training and Development Institute). This was a simulation where part of the people were assigned the roles of the „Apamachos“ tribe representatives, and another part represented ship crash survivors. The two sides had negotiations both inside and among each other on how to cooperate with each other and address conflicting interests. The activity identified ways on overcoming stereotypes and discriminative attitudes and working together for better outcome.

Late afternoon participants took part in “Forum Theatre”. They were divided in international groups to represent problems related to human rights violations, discrimination, stereotypes and intolerance through theatrical performance. One the second stage, the audience had an opportunity to „freeze“ the actions and individually exchange the passive characters, thus playing their role differently. The activity demonstrated the importance of civic and personal engagement when facing acute problems.

In the evening participants had different entertainment activities.

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