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‘’ Non Traditional Games for Everyone’’

From 12 until 21 of July we took part in the Erasmus plus training course ‘’ Non Traditional Games for Everyone’’. The training course took place in Czech Republic, Lucize, a small village next to the border of Austria and Slovakia, which has been destroyed and rebuilt by a tornado in 2021. During the course of our staying, we had the opportunity to practice a lot of interesting non traditional games and sports such as kinball, spike ball, ringo, football tennis and the molky game. We had the chance to meet young people from Czech Republic, Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Bulgaria and learn about their culture. The purpose of this training course was to explore new inclusive sports and activities which can be used in educational setting. One of the days of the project was dedicated to doing sports and activities with the local people of Luzice and we get to know a little bit about their life. We felt motivated to adopt a healthier lifestyle which includes movement, sports, exercises, nutrition and healthy habits. It was a challenging project but the trainers made a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone which helped us understand the value of being active and energetic on a daily base. As educators we will definitely utilize the lessons learned and implement some of the activities in our future curriculum.

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Drosoula Karta Petros Tsopanakis Σωτηρια Μπουλουκου

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