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1st Day of Youth Exchange Programme  «Acceptance for Everyone: Non-discriminative Education for Youngsters»

The first day of the Youth Exchange Project «Acceptance for Everyone: Non-discriminative Education for Youngsters» has been a whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm! As participants arrived, they eagerly picked up colorful sticky notes to jot down their expectations, contributions, and fears, creating a kaleidoscope of ideas on the board. The facilitator then took the stage and dazzled everyone with an interactive slideshow on the renowned Erasmus+ program, prompting a lively exchange of personal experiences and perspectives.

As the day drew to a close, the participants were split into international groups to showcase their talents and speak about the Youthpass competencies. Despite the nerves and excitement, the performances were a hit, and the discussions were insightful and thought-provoking.

Reflecting on the day, it was clear that the participants were buzzing with excitement and anticipation for the days to come. With such a vibrant and dynamic start, it was sure to be an unforgettable workshop!

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